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Historic Sites

Whitman Mission National Historical Site
Commemorates one of the area's first missions, founded in 1836 by Dr. Marcus and Narcissa Whitman. This was the scene of a massacre by Native Americans in 1847. Located 7 miles west of Walla Walla on Hwy 12. For information call: (509)522-6360

Fort Vancouver Historical Site
From 1825 to 1849, Fort Vancouver was the site of the western headquarters of the Hudson Bay Company's fur trading operations. Under the leadership of John McLoughlin, the fort became the center of political, cultural, commercial and manufacturing activities in the Pacific Northwest. When American pioneers arrived in the Oregon county during the 1830s and 1840s, they came to Fort Vancouver for supplies to begin their farms. Located in Vancouver.

San Juan Island National Historical Park
Commemorates Anglo-American territorial rivalry. The islands were the subject of a territorial debate due to inexact wording in the U.S. - Canada boundary treaty, but also the stage for an international incident commonly referred to as the "Pig War". The islands were occupied by both American and British citizens and military, both encampments are now part of the San Juan Island National Historic Park. In 1859, one of 25 American settlers, Lyman A Cutler, got tired of a British owned pig rooting in his potato patch; he shot and killed it. The owner insisted that Cutler pay for the pig, when he refused, the Englishman insisted he be brought to trial. The American refused to participate. The soldiers, bored most of the time, as no shots were fired, remained there until the matter was settled by arbitration 13 years later by Kaiser Wilhem I, who gave the San Juans to the United States. The pig was the only casualty. For information call: (360)378-2240

Pioneer Square
American's original "Skid Road" and Seattle's oldest and most famous neighborhood is now a 15 block National Historic District. Step into the past and learn about the beginnings of this vibrant city. First settled in 1856, Seattle is a young city, but one with an exciting history.

Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park
News of the gold strike in Canada's Yukon Territory spread from Seattle across the country, and from here most prospector's left for the gold fields. Today the park has a visitor center in the Pioneer Square Historic District, the center of the Gold Rush activity. For information call: (206) 553-7220

Tourist Attractions

Mt. Rainer
A mountain wonderland famous for dense forests, dazzling wildflower meadows, tremendous snowfields, rugged glaciers, and an active volcano! Mount Rainier National Park is the 5th oldest national park in the nation. For information call: (360)569-2211

Mt. Saint Helens national Volcanic Monument
Take time to explore and discover the power and the drama of this volcano. For information call: (360)247-3900

Olympic National Forest (Olympic Peninsula)
The Olympic National Forest is over 632,000 acres in size and is divided into four Ranger Districts: Hood Canal, Quilcene, Quinault and Soleduck. For information call: (360)956-2400

Riverfront Park
Site of the 1974 World Expo. The 20 acre park boasts a permanent carousel with hand carved horses among its many attractions. For information call: (509)625-6200

The City of Seattle
Home of the Space Needle, the Mariners, the SuperSonics, and The Seahawks and Pike's Place Market. Seattle's delights can be found throughout the city from it's impressive downtown to it's surprising neighborhoods. Visitor Information Center: (206) 461-5840