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Historic Sites

Mining Memorial
The 1972 Sunshine Mine Fire was the worst mining disaster in recent history, killing 91 miners. This monument, a twelve-foot-tall sculpture of a miner with his drill raised is surrounded by plaques listing the names of the dead. A local landmark nearby is the Miner's Hat. This building, constructed in the shape of a miner's hat, was a tavern. It is now the Miner's Hat Realty. The adjacent hillsides offer an opportunity for a close inspection of the Belt Supergroup rocks with veins of ore. For information call: (208)784-0821

Old Mission State Park
Old Mission State Park features the oldest standing building in Idaho, The Mission of the Sacred Heart, built between 1848 and 1853 by members of the Coeur d'Alene Tribe and Catholic missionaries. The park also has a recently restored Parish house next door to the mission, and a historic cemetery. The visitor center includes an interpretive exhibit on the area and the Coeur d'Alene Indians. There is a large grassy area for picnics. The Mission walls stand a foot thick, without the benefit of nails. The structure was woven carefully of straw, mud and wooden pegs. Inside, there are no pews because the Indians preferred to worship in an open room. Over 300 members of the tribe labored over the construction. The Mission became a State Park in 1975. Visit the Mission August 15 for the annual Coeur d'Alene Indian pilgrimage and taste traditional native foods at the "Coming of the Black Robes" pageant. For information call: (208)682-3814

Silver Valley Historical Area
The Silver Valley is an important historical area in Idaho. Gold was discovered a few miles north of Wallace in 1882, which then led to the discovery of silver, lead and zinc in the region. Since that time, the Valley's Coeur d'Alene mining district has been one the largest silver mining regions in the world. The valley's mining history provides the traveler unique recreational adventures from ghost towns to gold panning. For information call: (208)784-0821

Treaty Rock
On June 1, 1871, Frederick Post made a deal with a prominent Coeur d'Alene Indian leader to obtain more than 200 acres of Spokane River land to start a mill here. They recorded this cession of land on a prominent rock adjacent to Post Falls. This inscription can still be seen here. For information call: (208)773-4080

Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail
The Lewis and Clark Expedition, which occurred from 1804 to 1806, was one of the most dramatic and significant episodes in the history of the United States. It stands, incomparably, as our Nation's epic in documented exploration of the American West. On the journey to the Pacific Ocean, the Lewis and Clark Expedition passed through North Central Idaho. There are several historic sites and trails. For information call: (208)743-3531

Tourist Attractions

Boise River Tours
Offers fun, informative and relaxing raft trips, which emphasize flora, fauna, history and geology, as you travel down the beautiful Boise River either in or very close to Boise, Idaho. You can enjoy taking pictures, identifying wildflowers, birds, and just getting close to nature, in a leisurely way. Months: May-September. For information call: (208)333-0003

Boise Tour Train
1890's style puffer-belly open air train. City and customized tours. Charter tours with meal included are also available. For information call: (208)342-4796

Roaring Springs Water Park
15-acre family water park with 16,000 sq.ft. wave pool; float tubing; 4-lane,350 ft. long racing slide, slides, waterfalls, kiddie pool and entertainment area. For information call: (208)884-8842

Silverwood Theme Park
Silverwood is a turn-of-the-century, pay-one-price theme park featuring 24 rides, live shows, restaurants, shops, games, attractions, train, airstrip and RV Park. For information call: (208)683-3400

Beamers Hell's Canyon Tours
Guided jet boat tours on the Snake River in Hells Canyon. For information call: (800)522-6966