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Historic Sites

Amstel House Museum
A glimpse of life in the 18th century, including a complete colonial kitchen. George Washington attended a wedding here. Open March-December. For information call: (302)322-2794

Brick Hotel Gallery
The Federal-style Brick Hotel Gallery houses "Nature Tamed: Belter Furniture, 1840-1860." This is the country's largest collection of Victorian furniture made in the style of J. H. Belter and illustrates the best American furniture craftsman-ship of the mid-19th century. For information call: (302)378-4069

George Read II House and Gardens
Built 1801 in Federal style by the son of George Read I, a signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Formal garden designed in 1847. Twelve rooms open to the Public, three in the Colonial Revival style. Open March-December and weekends, January-February. For information call: (302)322-8411

Fort Christina
Site of first permanent settlement in Delaware Valley, where the Swedes landed in 1638. Historic park and early log cabin. For information call: (302)652-5629

The Green
This square was laid out in 1722 in accordance with William Penn's orders of 1683, and has changed little since then. Center of life as the county seat and state capital, it was the site of early fairs and markets. Today it hosts political rallies and public events such as Old Dover Days in May, when many private homes and buildings are open to the public. On this soil in 1775, Delaware's Continental Regiment mustered for service in the Revolution. From here, they marched to join Washington's Continental Army. In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was read to the public, sparking a celebration which witnessed the public burning of King George III's portrait. For information call: (302)739-4266

Fenwick Island Lighthouse
Began operation August 1, 1859, and remained in service until 1978. In 1981, public outcry led to reinstallation of the original light, weighing about 1500 pounds. The lighthouse has been in service since then. The Lighthouse is now the property of the State of Delaware. Open two Wednesdays each month during June, July, August. For information call: (410)250-1098

Tourist Attractions

Delaware Toy and Miniature Museum
This museum is a non profit organization founded by Gloria R. Hinkel and Beverly J. Thomes. It is a historical reference of antique and contemporary dollhouses, miniatures and sample furniture as well as dolls, toys, trains, boats and planes, both European and American, from the 18th to 20th centuries. This collection of over 100 dollhouses and rooms, antiques as well as the newly crafted miniatures made by talented artisans serves as a visual documented piece of history. A visitor not only sees the furniture and accessories of today but those enjoyed by our ancestors of yesterday. For information call: (302)427-TOYS

Brandywine Zoo
Exhibits of exotic species of animals from North & South America and Asia. For information call: (302)571-7788

Nemours Mansion and Gardens
Louis XVI-style chateau of Alfred I. du Pont, European antiques, aspects of the family's lifestyle, vintage autos and a 300 acre country estate with formal French gardens. Open May-November 30. For information call: (302)651-6912

Chaddsford Winery
Small estate winery offering tours of the winemaking and barrel-aging cellars, tastings of the current vintage, and sales of premium, nationally recognized wines made in the Brandywine Valley. For information call: (610)388-6221

Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard/Museum
Heritage park area relives the era of the first permanent settlement in both Wilmington and the Delaware Valley. In 1638, the Kalmar Nyckel and the Fogel Grip brought Swedish settlers under the captainship of Peter Minuet to "The Rocks." The museum commemorates that event and the 1938 and 1988 celebrations of the occasion, and the shipyard is devoted to ship building history. For information call: (302)429-SHIP