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February 2010

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News February 2010

February 25, 2010
Animal trainer killed at SeaWorld
Reporting from Orlando, Fla. - A killer whale fatally attacked an animal trainer at SeaWorld in Florida on Wednesday, jerking her into the pool and thrashing her around underwater as dozens of horrified tourists watched. Read more

February 24, 2010
Daughter of IRS Attack Pilot Praises Him
One of the daughters of the pilot who crashed his plane into an IRS facility in Austin, Texas, killing an IRS employee and injuring 12 others, said she hoped his actions would send a message to the government. Read more

February 22, 2010
Endeavour lands safely in Florida
The space shuttle Endeavour, carrying six astronauts, touched down in Florida on Sunday evening despite some earlier weather concerns.

NASA said the shuttle landed safely at the Kennedy Space Center at 10:20 p.m. ET. Read more

February 19, 2010
Pilot rams plane into federal offices
An Austin man apparently angry with the Internal Revenue Services and the rest of the federal government flew his small, private plane into a glass-faced office building next to an Austin highway on Thursday killing himself and one other person in an explosive suicidal form of protest. Read more

February 17, 2010
Obama's nuclear power push faces obstacle: Waste
President Obama's announcement Tuesday of loan guarantees for nuclear power plants may encourage new construction, but a problem still remains that has plagued atomic energy for decades: what to do with nuclear waste? Read more

February 16, 2010
Toyota's safety complaints rise
Toyota's string of recalls and fresh investigations into sudden acceleration have triggered a surge of complaints to federal auto safety regulators that linked the problem to 34 deaths, up from 21 prior to the recall. Read more

February 15, 2010
Huge waves at Mavericks injure spectators
The Super Bowl of Surfing lived up to its legend Saturday, and then some. The waves at Mavericks were so massive - the biggest in the history of surf contests, some said - that they caused collateral damage on the sideLines. Read more

February 10, 2010
US faces 'snowmageddon' round two
America's Mid-Atlantic region, which was blanketed under a massive snowfall only days ago, is now bracing for another winter blast. Read more

February 9, 2010
U.S. engineer jailed 15 years for spying for China
A Chinese-born engineer was sentenced Monday to more than 15 years in prison for hoarding sensitive information about the U.S. space shuttle that prosecutors say he intended to share with China. Read more

February 8, 2010
Snow paralyses US Mid-Atlantic
Planes were grounded, trains stood still and Greyhound buses were not rolling in the Mid-Atlantic, leaving stranded US travellers wondering when they would be able to escape the icy, grey mess created by a major snowstorm. Read more

5 workers killed in explosion at Middleton
An explosion that sounded like a sonic boom blew out the walls of an unfinished power plant in Connecticut and set off a fire during a test of natural gas Lines Sunday, killing at least five workers, injuring a dozen or more, and leaving crews picking through debris for more possible victims. Read more

February 5, 2010
Jobs vs deficits in Obama budget
US President Barack Obama faced a delicate balancing act in presenting his budget for next year: Stimulating the economy without bankrupting the government. Read more

February 4, 2010
Kite surfer killed by sharks in Florida
The victim was spotted by a lifeguard as he was floating encircled by sharks off Stuart Beach, some 90 miles north of Miami, the local news website said. The local man had been kite surfing on an unguarded stretch of beach when the attack occurred. Read more

February 3, 2010
Toyota U.S. sales reel from crisis
Toyota Motor Corp suffered a sharp drop in U.S. sales last month as its massive recall and unprecedented sales halt allowed rivals to grab market share from the world's largest automaker. Read more

February 1, 2010
US serviceman killed in Afghanistan
A bomb has killed a US serviceman in southern Afghanistan, Nato said.

The American death toll has risen as fighting escalates with an influx of 37,000 additional US and Nato forces being sent to Afghanistan as part of President Barack Obama's war strategy. Read more